A lot of hotel guests choose their hotel based on the quality of the hotel beds. By marketing a good night’s sleep to your guests you get a unique edge over your competitors.

Bed Factory Sweden Hotel Collection may be the most priceworthy quality beds on the market. The beds are available with ecolabelling and are approved in the Cigarette and Match test B5852. As a hotel geared with beds from Bed Factory Sweden Hotel Collection you can mediate bed sales to guests looking to achieve the same comfort at home, as in your hotel.

Let your guests enjoy a night in a handmade bed!

FAQ Bed Factory Sweden Hotel Collection

Do you have international delivery of beds?

Yes, we have well-functioning international delivery capabilities.

How long is the delivery?

Delivery time depends on the order. All our beds are handcrafted upon order and the fastest possible delivery is within 4 weeks.

Do you sell customized beds?

Yes, we have plenty of collaborations where the beds have been customized to the needs of the customer and room.

What firmness do the beds come in

Our hotel beds are built with a firm base, divided into 5 zones, with a softer zone by the shoulder, allowing for perfect sleep and rest even when lying on the side.

What is your warranty?

We offer a 25-year warranty for frame and coil breakage.